About service

Dec 30

I’m here not to change the world, but to serve the world. When you want to change the world, you take a burden of changing, and a responsibility of changing, and that can be stressful. When you are serving the world, you do your best and that’s it.” -Satish Kumar, former Jain Monk in conversation […]


Dec 30

I am very fortunate to work with clients who are doing extraordinary work. It’s nice to be working with the New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council¬†again, this time on a project to develop a relationship agreement and consultation process between the Council and the Government of New Brunswick. Part of that work will involve creating a […]

Turns of phrase

Dec 13

Redundant expressions and phrases that, when you stop to think about it, people really don’t need to say because they reduce the average intelligence in the room. Free gift Often used in advertising as a way to encourage the purchase of a high-ticket item by offering an incentive, in many cases, a lower-priced product or […]

With affection: Hair product aplenty

Dec 9

I sang with the Thomists for the St. Thomas University (STU) Christmas formal last night. The self-grooming quotient was high, and there was the usual ratio of adorable couples, showboats, and abandoned high heels by the end of the first set. For the first time that I can remember in many years of doing this […]