I sang with the Thomists for the St. Thomas University (STU) Christmas formal last night. The self-grooming quotient was high, and there was the usual ratio of adorable couples, showboats, and abandoned high heels by the end of the first set. For the first time that I can remember in many years of doing this gig, the guests sang many of the Christmas carols, and even more lustily with “I will survive” and “Mustang Sally”. And the swing dancers, who have become a feature since the creation of a dance club, appear to be branching out from the Lindy hop. It was comforting to see a group of people of different ethnic backgrounds, ages, body-types, genders, persuasions, and dancing-ability having a good time with music that, some of which, dates back to the 1920’s. I am grateful to have memories like these to act as a counterweight to the volume of news that is so often full of stories about divisiveness, hatred, fear and intolerance. Thanks to all for a good night. [2015-12-09]