Redundant expressions and phrases that drop the average level of intelligence in the room.

Advance planning

To plan something is not to do ‘the thing’, whatever it is. To plan is to think it through, to identify necessary resources and even to put them in place, to consider variables, and to develop strategies that will  compensate for variables, conditions and potential obstacles. Planning is only useful before the thing has happened, but really not so helpful while the thing is occurring, or after it has happened.

Free gift 

Often used in advertising as a way to encourage the purchase of a high-ticket item by offering an incentive, in many cases, a lower-priced product or service. While I understand that using the word “free” is a marketing technique to increase appeal, using it in conjunction with the word “gift” makes the expression redundant. A gift is by its nature, free because if there is a price, it is not a gift. [2015-12-13]

Really/very/totally etc. unique

If something is unique, it has no equal, parallel or equivalent, therefore it is to be considered on its own merits and for its own qualities. If it is incomparable, then the preceding qualifiers are superfluous.