All In Agency

  • Understanding the educator experience of the Early Childhood Education sector in Atlantic Canada (2021-22)

First Nations Innovation

  • Stories from the First Mile: Digital Technologies in remote and rural Indigenous communities book & e-book (2018)

Fredericton Legal Aid Clinic

  • Evaluation of youth access to justice clinic and outreach program pilot (2020)

Government of New Brunswick

  • Department of Justice and Public Safety-subcontracted by MMFC for evaluation of Coordinated community response to high risk/high danger domestic/intimate partner violence program pilot (2018)
  • Department of Social Development-Obesity & Tobacco: Literature review of policy approaches to foster population wellness (2015)

Gravity Inc.

  • Healthy Kids Community Challenge (2016)


  • Evaluation of ACCENT for Horizon language training program (2022-2023)
  • Review of customer feedback metrics, tools and methodologies (2021)
  • Consulted on performance measurement framework for “Export Market Access Program” (2020)
  • Evaluation of “Supply Chain 123” program (2020)

Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research

  • Needs assessment subcontract for Champions for Youth Rights integrated service model (2022)
  • Status of Women Canada capacity-building proposal (2017)
  • Evaluation subcontracts for Justice & Public Safety, Sexual Violence New Brunswick*, Women and Gender Equality

New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council

  • Basic organization capacity for representative Aboriginal organizations 10-year grant proposal (2020)
  • Needs assessment & community mapping project (2020)
  • NBAPC Relationship Agreement with Government of Canada (2019)
  • Collaborative process on Indian Registration, Band Membership and First Nation Citizenship (2019)
  • Kci-skicin Project: The Wise Ones. Urban Aboriginal seniors integrated framework for services (2017)

New Brunswick Community College

  • Centre for Applied Research in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing-craft project description for Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada funding application (2021)
  • Recruitment for applied research capacity-building (2020)

Populus Plus

  • Usability testing for electronic medical record platform (2016)

Sexual Violence New Brunswick

  • Evaluation of “Maintain: Trauma informed principles for trauma exposed workplaces” project (2019-2024)*
  • Evaluation of “Enhancing criminal justice response to sexual violence in New Brunswick” project (2020)*
  • Evaluation of “Improving women’s access to justice through institutional change” project (2020)*
  • Results framework for “Navigating systems: Working together to support survivors of sexual assault” (2020)
  • Evaluation of “Making connections: A trauma-informed coordinated care model” project (2019)*
  • Evaluation design for Women and Gender Equality Canada “Project Implementation Plan” under Gender-Based Violence Program (2019)

Women and Gender Equality, Canada

  • Environmental scan of (2SLGBTQ+) “equality-seeking” organizations in Atlantic Canada (2021)

 University of New Brunswick

  • Research scientist for multi-disciplinary “Clinic 554 & abortion access in New Brunswick” research project (2022-2023)