About MCM

My background in social sciences and communications research, as well as project and event coordination, has allowed me to develop a wide range of highly transferable conceptual and practical skills. Please drop me a line at mcm@mcmilliken.ca if you would like to know more.


  • Employment

    I always appreciate the opportunity to be involved at the beginning of a project. In 2016, I worked with Dr. William McIver Jr., Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Industrial Research Chair on funding proposals for various projects happening at the Mobile First Technology Initiative at the […]


  • Editing

    First Nations Innovation and First Mile Connectivity Consortium. 2018. Stories from the First Mile: Digital Technologies in Remote and Rural Indigenous Communities. First Nations Innovation and First Mile Connectivity Consortium. Fredericton: FMCC. McIver Jr., William J. 2010. Internet, in Marc Raboy and Jeremy Shtern’s (eds.) Media Divides: Communication Rights and the […]

  • Magazine articles

    2009 Milliken, M., Culberson, A. “The Virtual Classroom Broadband And Big Ideas Connect Canadian Students.” Canadian Teacher Magazine. Volume 5, January 2009, 24-26. NRC 50761.

  • Reports

    2017 Milliken, M. Kci-skicin Project: The Wise Ones, Urban Aboriginal Seniors Integrated Framework for Services. Fredericton: New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council. 2015 Milliken, M. Obesity and Tobacco. A literature review of policy approaches to foster population wellness. Fredericton: New Brunswick Department of Social Development, Wellness Branch. 2009 Molyneaux, H., O’Donnell, […]


  • Lessons learned & (re-)learning

    from sewing … Keep it simple, Stupid. Adding layers or complexity to a project increases discomfort, not only in the making of the garment, but in the wearing of it. There is no such thing as a cool lining. Just because something starts simple doesn’t mean it will stay that […]

  • With affection: Hair product aplenty

    I sang with the Thomists for the St. Thomas University (STU) Christmas formal last night. The self-grooming quotient was high, and there was the usual ratio of adorable couples, showboats, and abandoned high heels by the end of the first set. For the first time that I can remember in […]

  • Turns of phrase

    Redundant expressions and phrases that drop the average level of intelligence in the room. Advance planning To plan something is not to do ‘the thing’, whatever it is. To plan is to think it through, to identify necessary resources and even to put them in place, to consider variables, and […]